aRacer SpeedTek RC Mini X Race ECU – Yamaha R3 / MT-03

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***IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE OF THE USA, CONTACT US TO CONFIRM IF THIS IS THE CORRECT MODEL ECU FOR YOUR BIKE.  This ECU replaces ECU part numbers that begin with 2MS and B02 only.  If you have a BR5 or BR0 ECU, you need a different part.

If you want to maximize the performance of your R3 without breaking the bank and the hassle of tuning, this is it.  Please read these two articles to really see the power of the aRacer ECUs:

Power Commander vs Bazzaz vs ECU Flash vs aRacer ECU

Yamaha R3 Exhaust Test and Superbike Build



I spent some timing working on a couple different bikes with this aRacer Mini X ECU along with my testing and development with the big brother, the Super RC2 ECU, and the performance out of the box is staggering.  This ECU performs just as well as my Race Spec ECU flash but also includes accelerator enrichment settings out of the box that completely eliminate the throttle hesitations often found in the stock ECU that we have spent SOOOO many hours on the dyno with different bikes trying to eliminate.  Not to mention you get a fully programmable race ECU that is upgradable with the smoothest quickshifter I’ve ever used from aRacer and the most accurate MAP Pressure based autotuner available.  This ECU is my new favorite for a plug and play solution for street riders and racers using a stock engine and full exhaust.  Plus, if you make changes down the road, you can use the autotuner to update your tuning.


Some of the enhancements in this race ECU compared to the stock ECU are:

-Optimized fuel delivery

-Optimized fuel injector timing

-Optimized ignition timing

-Rev limit control

-Idle speed control

-Optimized accelerator enrichment

-Engine braking control

-Most accurate autotuner on the market

-Expandable with additional modules and sensors for quickshift and autotuning

-IP67 Dust/Waterproof


Installing a race ECU could not be easier.  Simply unplug the stock ECU, and plug in the aRacer Speedtek RC Mini X ECU to the stock connector.  That’s it!  Just be careful with the connector on the stock ECU, it has a special locking piece, so don’t force it.  Even the additional aRacer Quickshifter plugs directly into the OEM O2 sensor connector (OEM O2 sensor is removed) and uses the stock wiring.  Pretty awesome.

Additional information

Weight 0.625 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 2 in



  1. Randall Johnson

    Long overdue review, but I was able to get several trackdays and a full race weekend under my belt.

    My 2017 R3 is otherwise stock besides a filter and full Hindle exhaust with a baffle installed.

    Holy smokes! 100% night and day difference. There are zero dead spots in the super linear power band and the bike pulls strong throughout the rev range.

    I think my favorite piece of the pie here is the revised engine braking map which is in my opinion paramount for setting entry and maintaining corner speed. This simply can’t be matched with a piggy back system as great as they are.

    The plug and play expandability of this with the other aRacer modules is what sold me on the Mini 5 along with the end user adjustability at what is a steal of a price point. I can’t wait to add the QS for next race season.

  2. Joshua Hudson (verified owner)

    I bought this ECU for my 2021 MT-03, and this ECU and tune by Jessie is insane, it makes the bike so much more powerful and smooth its not even funny, it honestly feels like a totally new bike, the engine braking is also smoothed out greatly and no longer jerky and not too mention you can tune on top of the base map with the aRacer app for your phone which you wont even have to do because Jessie nailed it with this tune. Highly recommend this upgrade if you just want plug and play and with control via the app if you ever wanted to adjust anything on your own. The only mods i have on my bike are an air filter and custom exhaust, but you would even benefit on a fully stock bike! Also the team at norton motorsports are so helpful, you can ask them any questions you have and they will answer them fast!

    • Jesse Norton

      Glad to hear and look forward to helping you in the future!

  3. Walter Hooker (verified owner)

    Just installed my Norton tuned A Racer Mini on my 2022 R3 on top of my Yoshi TA-2, Air box mods, MWR filter, Velocity Stack and Smog delete. Jesse’s tune makes such a great overall improvement. The Bike has more power from Idle to 13K rpm. Not sure how he got so much more power out of the tune, but I’m liking it!

    • Jesse Norton

      Glad we were able to help you make more power!

  4. caxap7 (verified owner)

    I recently installed the aRacer Mini on my 2021 MT-03 along with full Yoshimura R-77 exhaust and smog delete and I can only echo the posts above. The bike is completely transformed! Literally night and day difference! I still can’t believe how smooth it is and have been enjoying my favorite roads all over again every chance I get, even in 100+ degrees Texas summer. I would highly recommend this upgrade to anyone considering it and the team at Norton is just top notch! Prompt communication and great customer service! I will definitely be back for more upgrades! Thank you guys!

    • Jesse Norton

      Glad we could help you, and look forward to making your riding experience even better in the future!

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