BAZZAZ Z-Fi TC Fuel + Quickshifter + Traction Control – Kawasaki Ninja 400 / Z400

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*Bazzaz Z-Fi TC is intended for closed course race use only.  CA Customers must provide a current racer’s license or proof of enrollment in a New Racer’s School.


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Traction is drive.

Control rear wheel spin to optimize corner-exit drive

Proven results and championships in road racing and land speed racing


Faster corner exit with controlled tire spin and improved traction

Improves rider confidence on corner exit

Sensitivity is fully tunable by throttle position, RPM, and gear

Inference level tunable by throttle position

Improve forward momentum and decrease your lap times

Improve tire performance in adverse conditions

Integrated with fuel control and new universal strain gauge quick shift technology

How it Works

First and only piggy back TC system that uses RPM data, not wheel speed sensors, to determine tire spin

Cuts ignition for milliseconds at a time to limit power to the rear wheel and maintain traction based on rider preferences

Combined with strain gauge quick shift and fuel control

Who needs it?

Competitors looking for the highest level of performance electronics at an affordable price

Any rider looking to improve track times and advance in skill level with traction control

Competitors seeking faster lap times with better traction, quick shift, and fuel tuning

Competitors who need tunable TC in place of inflexible OEM system

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