Sato Racing Rearsets (standard version) – Yamaha R3 / MT-03


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Sato Racing Rearsets (standard version) for YZF-R3 and YZF-R25 are made from high grade billet aluminum anodized in your choice of Black or Gold finish. Select from 5 adjustable positions that place your feet significantly higher and further back compared to stock, for enhanced control and improved handling at the limit. You can use these Rear Sets with the stock shifting pattern, or switch them to reverse (GP-style) shift patttern.

Available foot peg positions, all measurements are in relation to stock position (0 mm):

47.5mm Back 37.5mm Up
47.5mm Back 50mm Up
60mm Back 50mm Up
47.5mm Back 62.5mm Up
60mm Back 62.5mm Up

These rearsets provide an excellent range of adjustment for aggressive street riding, track riding, or racing when utilizing the OEM seat or OEM seat position with an aftermarket seat.

If you will be racing using a taller seat, or a superbike seat (such as the Hotbodies Racing Race Tank Cover/SBK Seat), we recommend the Sato Racing ‘Race Concept’ rearsets which feature a higher range of adjustment to match the taller seat and better ground clearance.


Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 5 in



  1. Jonathan (verified owner)

    These rearsets are fantastic. The quality and machining on them is second to none. They greatly improve ground clearance and the overall feel of the bike. I still need to do a few more modifications like clipons, but they really go along way to making the R3 actually feel like a “Supersport” instead of a sporty standard ride position. It has a lot of options for adjust-ability to tailor them to your size and preferred ride position. I went with the standard over the race because I’m a little taller and still am considering the race version of the seat they offer.

    My one gripe with these… and it has nothing to do with Norton, Sato racing markets this and all their products as available in “Gold”… They aren’t gold… They are Orange. Not slightly goldish orange or very orange gold. Just Orange. Not really a big deal but kind of annoying when you have a 2019+ with gold forks and orange rearsets. I would say they don’t look like the pictures in person… because the pictures look gold. In the end I’m ok with the color and I absolutely love the fit and functionality (and the finish quality is also amazing… even if they are orange). Norton has amazing customer service and I got them super quickly even though they had to be drop shipped directly from Sato.

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