TST Industries NEXUS Front Flushmount Turn Signals – Kawasaki Ninja 400 / 300


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If you need a flasher relay, you can purchase it here: TST Industries 2 Pin LED Flasher Relay Gen2 – Kawasaki Ninja 400 / Z400


TST Nexus LED Turn Signals are the result of years of design work that blend the top minds of TST with Kawasaki design language, resulting in a turn signal that is unmatched in design and quality. To top it off, we just updated our design with a unique sequential turn signal design that has a built-in running light, giving you even more ways to upgrade your Kawasaki.

RUNNING LIGHT: Kawasaki front signals do NOT have a running light circuit from the factory, but don’t worry – if you select to include the running light feature, you’ll receive the necessary components to add a running light function to your motorcycle with no special tools required.

The Sequential Nexus Signals are only offered with included running light components. If you choose not to utilize the running light components, the signals will still function properly.

LED FLASHER RELAY: Need an LED flasher relay for your Kawasaki so you don’t have “hyperflash” or turn signal malfunction? Check the Applications tab to find the right TST Flasher Relay for your model or simply select your Kawasaki model in the relay drop-down option. Be sure to select your correct model as different models use different relays. Only one flasher relay is needed per bike.

• Exclusive design inspired by the Kawasaki Ninja design language
• Plug & play installation via OEM style plugs
Three turn signal configurations available:

  • Standard turn signal with no running light
  • Standard turn signals with running light
  • Sequential turn signal with running light

• LED light source paired with sophisticated hexadome optical array lens

Black circuit board keeps the signal stealth while not in use
Super bright and wide scatter of light provided by the advanced lens optics
Polycarbonate lens construction provides a high level of fracture resistance
Hexagon design language matches that of our other TST Kawasaki parts and the recent 2020 KRT design
Texture-matched polymer alloy matches the OEM Kawasaki components

After years of design work, the nexus of TST high-end design and Kawasaki sportbike style is ready to take your motorcycle to the next level. Our TST Nexus LED Turn Signals are a sophisticated and easy-to-install set that truly transforms your Kawasaki with elegant design and maximum functionality on a level that you simply won’t find anywhere else. With three different signal configurations available, you can choose the front turn signals that perfectly match your style and budget. Select between our Standard or Sequential turn signals to determine how the LEDs actuate during turn signal activation. We also include the option to install a running light circuit that will illuminate the LEDs at 80% brightness while your Kawasaki is on, attracting more attention to your sportbike and aiding in visibility. The immeasurable amount of care and extreme attention to detail, down to the texture-matched polymer alloy casing, produces a pair of LED turn signals that look as if they are factory-installed components. Installation utilizes OEM-style plugs for a plug-and-play process to ensure you get to spend more time riding your Kawasaki and less time working on it.


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Weight 0.7 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 3 in



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