Norton Motorsports Kawasaki Ninja400R Race Motorcycle

Brand new, have us build a custom built Kawasaki Ninja400R race bikes from Norton Motorsports built by Jeremy Toye & Jesse Norton!

Fully customizable, available for MotoAmerica Junior Cup, Club Racers, and Track Day enthusiasts!

See our sample build sheets below and contact us at (858) 842-4595 or to customize yours today!

Please keep in mind these are for reference only, and prices may have changed since they were put together, and will also change depending on your build.

Ninja400R Club Race Build


Kawasaki Ninja 400 (Non ABS) $4,999.00
*** Power & Electronics ***
Akrapovic Race Full System Exhaust w/ Carbon Muffler $749.95
Norton Racing Exhaust Hanger Bracket $69.95
Norton Racing Race Spec ECU Flash $295.00
FTECU ECU Quickshifter $240.00
MWR Race Air Filter $87.95
Norton Racing Smog Block Off plate $24.95
Norton Racing Cylinder Coolant Seal $39.95
.010 Thin Head Gasket $51.73
Replacement OEM Base Gasket $26.93
Norton Racing High Pressure Radiator Cap $26.95
*** Transmission & Drive ***
Ninja400R Heavy Duty Shift Detent Spring $49.95
Ninja400R Clutch Cable Spring Kit $9.95
Ninja400R Race Spec Shift Star $159.95
Barnett Clutch Spring Kit $29.95
Ninja400R Blueprinted Shift Change Shaft & Protection Spacer $139.95
*** Brakes ***
Norton/Galfer Superbike Stainless Steel Braided Front Brake Line $65.00
Norton/Galfer Superbike Stainless Steel Braided Rear Brake Line $70.00
Braketech Axis/Cobra 310mm x 6mm Floating Front Brake Rotor $306.96
DP Brakes RDP Race Front Brake Pads $59.95
Racing Brake Fluid $10.95
*** Suspension & Chassis ***
Ohlins KA744 Rear Shock – Upgraded Norton Motorsports Race Build $1,050.00
Ohlins FKS224 NIX 22mm Fork Cartridges – Upgraded Norton Motorsports Race Build $950.00
Racing Fork Oil $15.00
TST Industries Captive Front/Rear Wheel Spacers $84.99
Captive Rear Caliper Bracket $145.00
TST Captive Chain Adjuster / GP Lifter Kit $129.95
*** Bodywork ***
Hotbodies Racing Bodywork w/ SBK Seat/Tail $699.95
DBHolders V2 Aluminum Race Fairing Stay $149.95
Ninja400R Bodywork Hardware Mounting Kit $69.95
Pre-cut 18mm Seat Foam for SBK Seat $29.00
Stompgrip Tank Pads $59.95
Norton Racing Kickstand Replacement Bracket $38.00
*** Controls ****
Woodcraft 2.5″ Rise Clipons $175.74
Norton Racing 3/4 Length Folding Levers $129.95
Norton Racing Race Throttle Kit $189.95
Norton Racing Soft Pull Throttle Spring $44.95
Domino Grips $19.95
Replacement Killswitch w/ Keyswitch Bypass $79.95
Norton Racing Steering Stop $49.95
Norton Racing Keyless Quick-Turn Fuel Cap $139.95
Evol Technologies Rearsets $530.00
*** Bike/Rider Crash Protection ***
Woodcraft Clutch & Brake Lever Guards $170.99
Graves Motorsports Carbon Chain/Toe “Shard Fin” Guard $81.00
Hardware Kit for Chain/Toe Guard $8.00
GB Racing Engine Cover Set $264.42
Evotech Performance Radiator Guard $79.95
*** Discounts ***
Bodywork Parts Package Discount -$110.00
Race Bike Build Package Discount -$350.00
Race/Safety Parts Package Discount -$50.00
*** Final Build ***
Build Labor, Coolant Seal, Suspension Setup, & Safety Wire $2,350.00
Engine Break-in & Dyno Tune $300.00
Single Color Paint $600.00
Norton/Ninja400R Red Graphics *No Charge* (custom graphics available for additional charge) $0.00
Subtotal before taxes & delivery $15,641.46

MotoAmerica Junior Cup Build

Our MotoAmerica bikes are under constant development to maximize performance within the current rules package.   Please contact us for up-to-date information about building a Ninja400R for MotoAmerica Junior Cup.

Thank you.


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