Full Exhaust, Norton Velocity Stack and ECU Flash Package Deal – Yamaha R3 / MT-03

From: Original price was: $1,753.95.Current price is: $1,657.68.

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We DO NOT sell OEM ECU’s or do ECU cores, you MUST send in an ECU for us to flash.

*You must send in your OEM ECU to be flashed.  The price includes FREE return shipping to you in the US.

Once you place your order, we’ll contact you with shipping information to send in your ECU.

***At this time, we are unable to flash ECUs with a part number beginning with B02. These seem to come from bikes with ABS, and we are still unable to flash them to our current race spec. However, you can use an ECU from a non-ABS bike (part number begins with 2MS) in a bike with ABS and the ABS will continue to work like normal. This has been tested.

If you have already purchased an FTECU kit and have a license for your ECU, please email us at for a discounted price to use your license.

For more information on ECU flashing, read our article here:  Power Commander vs. Bazzaz Z-Fi vs. ECU Flash vs. aRacer Race ECU

Already have a full exhaust on your bike? You can still save $40 on our Norton Superbike Velocity Stack setup paired with our custom tuned Norton Race Spec ECU flash!

By far the best power and performance bang-for-the-buck upgrade for your Yamaha R3 / MT-03 is to install a top performing exhaust with our Velocity Stack setup and our Race Spec ECU Flash.  Add 6-7 horsepower to your Yamaha R3 compared to stock!

*We recommend installing a block off plate at the same time as flashing the ECU or you will get some backfiring from the exhaust.






This dyno chart shows the dramatic improvement gained on the same bike with the same Graves Works 2 exhaust just by adding our Norton Superbike Velocity Stack setup!  Substantial gains to low end AND top end power!!!
Norton Racing Yamaha R3 Superbike Velocity Stacks Modified Airbox Dyno Chart Graves Exhaust

And here’s the gains with the Akrapovic carbon full exhaust:

Norton Racing Yamaha R3 Superbike Velocity Stacks Modified Airbox Dyno Chart Akrapovic Carbon Full Exhaust

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 14 × 12 in

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