Norton Racing Adjustable Rearset Riser Kit for OEM Rearsets – Yamaha R3 / MT-03



The Norton Racing 2nd Generation Adjustable Rearset Riser Kit allows you to use the OEM rearsets for the Yamaha R3 and raise them up and move them back for a more aggressive riding position.  These riser plates are designed by us for aggressive riding and racing and have a larger change from the OEM position than every other riser option on the market.

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What are the best rearsets for the Yamaha R3?

These 2nd Generation riser plates are the result of extensive testing and racing as well as feedback from customers who have purchased and used our 1st Generation riser plates.  These 2nd Generation risers have four different options for foot peg position.  The two lower positions provide a rise of 60mm (2.36″) and are set back 50mm (1.97″) or 65mm (2.56″) from the stock position.  These two positions are optimized for street bikes and race bikes that have the stock seat height and will provide the rider with a more aggressive riding position, proper foot position, as well as adequate ground clearance for racing.  The two higher positions provide a rise of 85mm (3.35″) and are set back 65mm (2.56″) or 80mm (3.15″) from the stock position.  These two higher positions are optimized for race bikes that are using the taller Hotbodies Race Seat/Tank Cover or a different seat that is taller than the OEM seat.

These risers are CNC machined from extremely strong and light weight aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminum and anodized black.  They are heavy duty and designed to stand up to the rigors of racing and crashing as well as possible.   They are laser engraved with the new NortonFab Motorsports logo and include all stainless steel mounting hardware.  This kit includes a longer stainless steel shift rod that will allow you to use standard shift pattern or reversed (GP) shift pattern.

The large change in rearset position achieved with this kit will require a few modifications on the bike during installation:

You will need to relocate or remove the rear brake fluid reservoir.  This kit includes a relocation bracket for the rear brake reservoir.

If you would like to use one of the two higher positions, you may need to flip over the banjo bolt fitting on the rear brake line where it attaches to the rear brake master cylinder to provide enough length in the brake line.  Once you flip over the brake line fitting (so it angles down instead of up), the brake line fits very well.  Our custom rear superbike brake line will also work with this kit.  If you have a different aftermarket stainless steel rear brake line, it may or may not work with this kit depending on length and fitting orientation.  If you flip over the brake line fitting, it is important that you bleed the rear brake line before riding the bike.

Finally, if you choose one of the two higher positions, you will have to remove or relocate the rear brake light switch.  These positions are generally only for racing with a taller race seat, so this does not affect most street riders.  The highest, rearmost position requires removal or modification of the rear passenger pegs.  You can replace the exhaust mount on the right side passenger peg with our exhaust hanger bracket which does not interfere with this kit.  We offer a banjo bolt pressure switch as an additional option to replace the rear brake light if you need to retain rear brake light function.

*Many aftermarket rearsets on the market for the R3 do have a large enough change from the OEM position to provide adequate ground clearance for racing and some riders are even use this kit together with their aftermarket rearsets to achieve a larger adjustment from the stock position.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 2 in


  1. Mike (verified owner)

    These adjustable rearsets rival some of the bigger, more expensive kits on the market. They are made from high quality materials and the fitment on them is perfect. Installation is fairly easy. The four different positions make it possible to achieve a more aggressive riding position. For those looking for a cheap kit to improve their body position, the Nortonfab adjustable rearsets are well worth the investment.

  2. Morgan Beckham (verified owner)

    I received the rearset riser kit and installation went without any issues. I wanted to let you know that I am incredibly impressed with the quality of the materials as well as the fit and finish of the whole kit! I think it’s awesome that you’re taking the time to develop and fabricate parts for the R3. Keep it up!

  3. Chris Sewell (verified owner)

    Not only did the risers arrive in just a matter of days, well packaged and ready to go, but the build quality was top of the line. Everything lined up perfectly, and after picking the perfect position for the rear-sets my wife headed off to yet another track day.

    The difference these made were noticeable the very first lap. She’s got way more clearance now to get the bike leaned over and it’s much more comfortable to move off of the bike with the more aggressive position.

    If you’re not ready to drop $500 on some Satos just yet, and need something affordable in the interim, you’ve got to get these on your bike. They’re worth every penny.

  4. brandonminniear (verified owner)

    This is a well made and well thought out set of riser plates. They installed perfectly without any hassles. The machining is beautiful, the anodizing is perfect. In contrast, I also own a couple of Ducatis, and everything I have done to those bikes is always a fight because nothing fits right or the part quality sucks no matter how much it costs. These riser plates are very affordable and just plain fit right. The included instructions are a little sparse, but it’s not a problem.. Anybody who can turn a screwdriver should be able to put them on.

    I put these on my R3 because I have always thought the footpegs were too far forward from the factory. With the riser plates on the lowest setting, the pegs are just a little higher than I expected, but I’ll get used to it. It moved them back so I’m not sitting bolt upright, and allowed me to change to GP pattern shifting, which I prefer to run on all my bikes. Even with the factory exhaust, there are no interference issues. The rear brake reservoir is a little harder to access with the relocation kit, but since you have to take things apart to get the lid off it even from the factory, one extra bolt to take it off doesn’t make that much of a difference.

    Overall, this is a very well made, affordable, and well thought out kit. I’d recommend it to anyone who is unhappy with the original footpeg position on their bike and isn’t interested in spending big Ducati sized dollars to reposition them.

  5. Matt Harris (verified owner)

    just received these riser plates and right off the bat the quality and finish are excellent everything is pretty straight forward i had a little issue with the relocation of the rear brake reservoir but once i took a look at it it became clear an went on without a hitch excellent product well thought out and made and i will happily recommend this to anyone who buys a R3 the difference in riding position is so much better ….price is perfect …product is excellent ..finish is top quality ….if you have a R3 an want a affordable rear set option buy these

  6. nuttscott (verified owner)

    The R3 is a great bike. I love it. But the ergonomics are naked bike feel on a sport tuned/geared bike. Seat is slung too low and the foot pegs are directly below the upright riding position. Not a good match. Adding these rear sets was an absolute must-allowing for “proper” forward lean and a <90* bent leg. Adjustability is wonderful. Fit and finish are top quality. Cornering and maneuvering are now confident and aggressive. Win-win.

  7. Scott (verified owner)

    High quality parts, look great and are very well made. I felt like the footpegs needed to be further back, but I only ride on the street, so didn’t need an expensive Sato kit, and wanted to keep the folding footpegs, so this kit is perfect. Came with all required hardware, and the brake reservoir relocation bracket. A few things that would’ve been nice to know about installation: it helped to turn the brake line off the master cylinder inward a bit to clear the reservoir relocation bracket. Even then it’s a very tight fit, not looking forward to changing brake fluid in the future. Had to disconnect the brake light switch and pull it through and back around the frame to give it more length (did not need to cut any factory zipties, it was just routed the long way around the frame). Shifter side was hassle free, there’s really nothing to worry about there. None of the issues I had are the fault of this kit, I’d highly recommend it. If I did this again, I’d probably just get the brake reservoir delete kit to make it easier. May still do that whenever I need to change the fluid. Worth noting that my bike is a 2019 R3 with ABS.

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