K-Tech Suspension TRDS-R Rear Shock – Aprilia RS660


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TRDS-R, ‘R’ standing for ‘Regulation’ derives from the same technology used by top-level motorcycle racers, now within a package accessible to riders and teams dealing with the latest championship price caps, or the slightly more casual racers looking to vastly improve their lap times with limited sponsor support.

The new K-Tech TRDS-R rear shock suspension systems are the lightest on the market due to a more compact design no longer requiring an external reservoir, as well as a revised internal composition. This new design also greatly improves heat management; an issue most riders are unaware of, as during a race, heat can gradually affect characteristics of suspension without the rider noticing due to how incremental these changes are. The TRDS-R is better at evacuating this heat build-up compared to the competitor equivalent, providing consistent and reliable performance throughout an entire race.

K-Tech’s Through Rod technology can be tuned extremely accurately not only from its adjustability design, but via the fact riders have a much clearer picture of how the bike is behaving during a race allowing for more accurate information being relayed to the teams’ technicians.


  • 4 way adjustable
  • 32 clicks compression adjustment
  • 32 clicks rebound adjustment
  • Pneumatic spring preload adjustment
  • Length adjustment
  • TRDS technology
  • Potentiometer mounting points
  • Wide range of spring rates available
  • Used at the highest levels of racing including British Superbike and Isle of Man TT

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 6 × 4 in


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