Norton Motorsports GP Spec Race Bodywork – Kawasaki Ninja 400


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Ninja 400 Stock Body Vs Norton GP Spec Moto2

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Norton Racing Hotbodies GP Spec Race Bodywork Parts Package V2 Kawasaki Ninja 400 Z400

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In street form, the Ninja 400 is a great entry level sport bike.  But on the race track, it’s street inspired ergonomics can leave the riding position awkward and cramped.  But underneath the bodywork is chassis and engine that will leave you grinning ear to ear, so Norton Motorsports and Hotbodies Racing have collaborated to bring you the new GP Spec Race Bodywork for the Kawasaki Ninja 400.

The GP Spec bodywork is inspired by a Moto2 bike and mounts up to the Ninja 400 chassis.  It offers a narrower profile for better aero, redesigned fender for better cooling, plenty of room for lower clipon bars, and a taller seat with extra room behind the seat so that even taller riders can slide back and tuck in down the straights.

Make your Ninja 400 feel like a Moto2 bike!

Mounting points are slighly changed from the standard Ninja 400 bodywork kits to allow the bodywork to be removed faster and easier.

Kit includes Upper Fairing, Left and Right Middle Fairings, Lower Fairing, Superbike Tail, and Front Fender.

*The upper fairing mounts using 2 quick-release DZUS fasteners to brackets designed for this bodywork kit that must be purchased separately.  The kit is designed to be used with a DBHolders upper fairing stay, which relocated the gauges from the original mounting location on the upper fairing, farther forward and down on the fairing stay to provide better clearance and allow the upper fairing to be quickly and easily removed.

*The GP Spec bodywork uses a windscreen from a 2007-2012 Honda CBR600RR that must be purchased separately.

*OEM black plastic side panels must be trimmed to fit with GP Spec Bodywork:


*There are 2 tabs on the sides of the tail that must be removed or you can choose to trim the bodywork around them:


There is also a small triangular piece of metal at the back of the subframe that must be removed for clearance:

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Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 20 × 20 in



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