Ninja400R Race Bodywork Mounting Kit – Kawasaki Ninja 400


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Race Bodywork Mounting Kit for Hotbodies Race Bodywork – Kawasaki Ninja 400

Race bodywork can either be a relief and a joy to have on your bike, or the biggest nightmare ever when you have to remove it.  When time is tight between races, you can’t be fumbling for different tools and fussing with bodywork.  This kit was developed by Jeremy Toye and is used on Rocco Landers’s MotoAmerica bike to make sure his bodywork is quick and painless to remove with only a 4mm allen wrench whenever he needs to get access to the bike.

We have already figured out the process for you, if you follow our instructions and use this mounting kit, your bodywork will fit excellent and be easy to install or remove every time.  This kit was developed for the Hotbodies Racing Kawasaki Ninja 400 bodywork but will also work with most fiberglass bodywork kits for the Kawasaki Ninja 400.  All fiberglass mounting points are done with special shoulder bolts to protect the bodywork and keep it tight and secure.

This kit includes:

(8) Hex Head DZUS Fasteners

(8) Rivet-on DZUS Receptacles

(8) Plastic DZUS Washers

(20) Rivets (so you have some extras)

(2) M6 Shoulder Bolts

(2) M5 Shoulder Bolts (large shoulder for upper fairing to gas tank mount)

(10) M5 Shoulder Bolts (small shoulder for plastic panel to gas tank, mid fairing, and tail)

Additional information

Weight 0.44 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in


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