Norton Racing Race Spec ECU Flash for OEM ECU *FREE HIGH FLOW AIRBOX COVER* – Yamaha R7 / MT-07

Original price was: $389.95.Current price is: $355.00.

Package now includes a FREE Norton Racing High Flow Airbox cover to maximize performance of your R7 with our Norton ECU flash.


DO NOT SHIP until we have emailed you with shipping instructions AFTER you have placed your order, and it has been confirmed!

Not all ECU flashes are created equal!!!

We DO NOT sell OEM ECU’s or do ECU cores, you MUST send in an ECU for us to flash.

*You must send in your OEM ECU to be flashed.  The price includes FREE return shipping to you in the US.


Current turnaround time to send in your ECU to be flashed is typically only 1-3 business days.

Once you place your order, we’ll contact you with shipping information to send in your ECU.

If you have already purchased an FTECU kit and have a license for your ECU, please email us at for a discounted price to use your license.

For more information on ECU flashing, read our article here:  Power Commander vs. Bazzaz Z-Fi vs. ECU Flash vs. aRacer Race ECU



Our Norton Racing custom ECU flash is now available for the Yamaha R7 and MT-07!  Most dealers will simply sell you the standard Flashtune “Unrestricted” Flash, or make minor changes to it and call it good.  We have spent countless hours on the dyno and tested and fine tuned on the race track to bring you the best ECU flash available for the Yamaha R7 and MT-07.

Dyno results with the stock airbox cover show very similar results between the top systems by Akrapovic and Graves when using our Norton ECU flash compared to stock exhaust and stock ECU.  The green line shows the huge performance improvement by installing our Norton High Flow Airbox Cover and Norton ECU flash with your exhaust:


Dyno results comparing the top systems by Akrapovic and Graves with the stock airbox and Norton Velocity Stacks with Norton custom airbox and Norton ECU Flash:


Changes we make in the ECU to achieve these improvements include:

-Remapped fuel delivery by MAP Pressure and TPS that is optimized for a high flow air filter and several different full exhaust systems (be sure to specify which exhaust system you have when ordering).  We also tested this flashed ECU with a completely stock bike and no other changes and gained similar improvements across the board, including a dramatic increase in horsepower and much faster acceleration.

-Smoothed out On-Off-On throttle transition and idle roll-on throttle transition

-Remapped ignition timing

-Reduced engine braking

-Lowered Fan Temperatures

-Disabled the OEM EVAP Purge Valve

-Disabled the OEM closed loop O2 sensor system

-Disabled the OEM injector deceleration cut

And yes, you read that correctly, whether you have a bone stock bike, slipon exhaust, or a full race exhaust, you no longer need a Power Commander, Bazzaz, or other piggyback fuel controller once we flash your stock ECU.  Our tuning is much more accurate than any “off the shelf” base maps you can download online.  We tune specifically for several exhaust systems to maximize your performance so you can enjoy the countless hours of optimization we do in our ECU flash specifically for your setup.  Installing a flashed ECU also could not be easier.  Unplug the stock ECU, and plug in the flashed ECU.  That’s it!


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