Ohlins NIX 22 Fork Cartridge Kit w/ Springs – Yamaha R3 2015-2018

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Newly developed for 2016, Öhlins launch the Road and Track NIX 22 front cartridge kit w/ springs for the Yamaha YZF-R3.

Yamaha YZF-R3 owners can now match their Öhlins rear shocks with a compatible ‘front end’ option, to maximize the performance of these ‘pocket rockets’.

 With race replica looks, owners of these learner friendly machines can now have suspension quality to match their bigger cousins. Using the technology and experience gained from the established NIX 30 Supersport kit, this new NIX 22 kit gives Yamaha R3 owners the chance to discover the Öhlins advantage.

Front suspension upgrades used to be considered the preserve of race and trackday riders but now riders of all machines can benefit from good handling, bump absorption and a positive, confidence inspiring feeling from the ‘front end’.



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  1. brandonminniear (verified owner)

    Do you want your R3 to handle like a superbike? This kit will help you get there. It is a perfect compliment for Ohlins’ YA467 rear shock absorber. I chose this cartridge kit over other options because Ohlins designed it to install without any modifications to the fork legs. When I watched some install videos for some other manufacturers’ cartridge kits and saw that they require grinding away the bottom of the inner tubes, I knew that the Ohlins kit was for me. Putting the cartridges in was really as easy as removing the factory damping rods, cleaning out the old fork oil, and installing the Ohlins cartridges. The kit comes with appropriate springs, but it doesn’t come with any fork oil. Ohlins recommends their own 01309 fork oil which is what I used. Ohlins’ oil might not be easy to find locally and it’s kind of pricey, but it isn’t too hard to find from online retailers. It takes barely less than a liter to refill the fork legs, but I bought two just in case I made a mess. Using the recommended oil will give the fork the damping characteristics that Ohlins designed the cartridges to have. Riding the bike with the new cartridges gives the front end a much better feel. They’re adjustable now, so you can set them soft or stiff to suit your preferences.
    The bike doesn’t feel mushy anymore which gives a lot better control. The bike doesn’t dive a lot when using the brakes hard so there is less sudden forward weight transfer. With less weight transfer, the back brake becomes more usable since it is harder to lock the back wheel. Since the R3 only has a single front disc, anything that can make the back brake more useful during hard stops is a big bonus. Overall, Ohlins made a great cartridge kit. It’s not the cheapest solution for the R3 fork, but it’s definitely not the most expensive. What you’re paying for is easy installation, the ability to make preload and damping adjustments externally, and Ohlins quality. I’d recommend this kit to any rider who can see the potential that the R3 has and is serious about making the bike handle its best.

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