Quick-Release DZUS 1/4-Turn Fastener Kit & Shoulder Bolts – Ohvale GP-2

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If you hate all the tiny M5 screws with 3mm heads on the Ohvale GP-2 as much as we do, you need this kit.  We’ve replaced all the M5 screws with shoulder bolts that have a 4mm head, and hex head DZUS fasteners that also have a 4mm head!

This kit is custom made for the Ohvale GP-2, some of the DZUS fasteners have been modified to fit the GP-2 bodywork.

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This kit includes:

(8) Hex Head DZUS Fasteners

(8) Rivet-on DZUS Receptacles – (4 of these have been custom cut and bent to fit the tight spaces on the Ohvale GP-2 bodywork)

(8) Plastic DZUS Washers

(20) Rivets (so you have some extras)

(3) Long M6 Shoulder Bolts for Seat / Gas Tank Cover

(6) Custom made M5 Shoulder Bolts for Upper & Side Fairings

(2) Short M6 Shoulder Bolts for Lower Rear Fairing to Frame mounts


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Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 0.5 in


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