Superlite 520 XD Series Chromoly Steel Front Sprockets – Yamaha R3 / MT-03



Superlite front sprockets are made from case hardened chromoly steel and machined to exact tolerances to outlast most sprockets on the market today.  The exclusive “XD” tooth profile offers a precise fitment over other brands.

The R3 OEM chain pitch is 520 and length is 112 links and the OEM sprocket sizes are 14 tooth in the front and 43 tooth in the  rear.

A few different ratios that I have tested and all work with the stock chain length are:

13T front, 42T rear

13T front, 43T rear

13T front, 44T rear (-1 +1 this works great for street bikes when looking for a little more acceleration)

14T front, 43T rear (this is stock)

14T front, 44T rear

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in



  1. Zach Hopkins

    Ordered the 13t front sprocket for my r3, install was pretty straightforward. Remove front sprocket cover (2x8mm bolts) – break front sprocket nut loose (1 1/8 socket) – put bike up on rear stand – loosen rear axle nut (19mm wrench and 22mm socket) – loosen chain adjusters (12mm wrench) – slide rear wheel forward as far as it will go – work the chain off of the rear sprocket, which gives you enough slack to get the chain off of the front sprocket – take the front sprocket off and replace with this superlite goodness – install nut on front sprocket and hand tighten – reinstall chain – adjust chain tension – snug up the rear axle bolt – make final chain adjustments – tighten axle bolt to 42 ft lbs – lock down chain adjusters – lower back tire off of stand – torque front sprocket nut to 54 ft lbs – reinstall front sprocket cover.


    its pretty straightforward, took me about half an hour to 45 mins total. the difference with the -1 tooth on the front sprocket is huge. Feels like a new bike all together.

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