Traxxion Dynamics / Omni Fork Spring Kit – Yamaha R3 2015-2018


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The Traxxion Dynamics Fork Spring Kit includes two new Omni springs that are shorter and lighter weight than the OEM springs, and two new aluminum spacers cut to the proper length to replace the heavy steel OEM spacers.  This kit is a directly replacement for the OEM springs and spacers, no modification is necessary.

The Traxxion Dynamics Fork Spring Kit is an absolute necessity for anyone who intends to ride their R3 at a spirited pace and doesn’t want to invest in a full fork cartridge or damper rod kit.  Using proper springs for your weight and balancing the bike will completely change it’s handling and make the bike safer and more enjoyable to ride.  Fork springs are easy to install and inexpensive and make a world of difference in how the bike feels.  We recommend changing fork oil from OEM 10wt to Maxima 15wt at the same time as changing the springs, and use a fork oil level of 120mm with the forks collapsed and springs and spacers removed.

Changing the fork springs and using a Ninja 650 shock with out adapter kit is a great and inexpensive way to dramatically improve the handling and performance of your R3 for street or track use.

For reference, the OEM fork springs in the R3 are .66 kg/mm spring rate and only ideal for very light weight riders.  The OEM shock spring rate is about 900 lb/in.

Use the spring rate chart here as a guide for our recommendations for the Yamaha R3.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 2 in

.70 kg/mm, .725 kg/mm, .75 kg/mm, .775 kg/mm, .80 kg/mm, .825 kg/mm, .85 kg/mm, .875 kg/mm, .90 kg/mm, .925 kg/mm, .95 kg/mm, .975 kg/mm, 1.0 kg/mm


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