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TST’s Yamaha YZF-R3 Triple Clamp drops drastic weight from your R3 while providing better feel and overall front-end handing during deep lean angles and cornering. After extensive testing, revisions, and more testing on our TST R3 superbike and supersport machines, we arrived at a design that improves many characteristics of the R3.



Provides more strategic front suspension rigidity characteristics
Improves front end feel and tire traction during cornering
Weighs only 3.1 lbs (47.5% mass reduction compared to OEM Yamaha component)
Clamps manufactured from 6061 aluminum and black anodized
Spindle manufactured from 7075 aluminum and chromate treated
Robust narrow angle 6061 aluminum steering stop bridge (43.5˚)
Replaces the stock Yamaha triple clamp
No offsets available at this time
Spindle accepts pin stand with 13mm pin (#9 pin if using Pit Bull brand lift)
Top and bottom nuts available in natural (silver) or red anodized finish
After two years of testing of the R3 race trim bikes we concluded that the front end of these machines has some room for improvement. The heavy cast steel and aluminum components of the OEM triple clamp setup offer plenty of rigidity in the plane parallel to the direction of travel of the front wheel. However, the perpendicular plane resistance to flex is a bit too strong. We hypothesized that if we were to design a system that retained the OEM level of rigidity in the parallel plane, but relaxed the resistance to lateral forces deep in a corner, we could retain more grip at deeper angles, while carrying more speed. By allowing the wheel and tire to follow the pavement with a bit more efficiency, and limiting the amount of dynamic force transfer to the chassis, we can have better steering performance, and faster lap times. As part of our R3 Superbike Build Series, we designed and manufactured the first revision of a triple clamp system that proved to be a step in the right direction, so our hypothesis held true. After a few test cycles we implemented some changes that further improved the setup, to arrive at what is being offered in this product page. Did we mention that our parts shave off almost half the weight compared to the stock triple clamp? That’s drastic weight savings! With the help of this triple clamp system we were able to beat last year’s FMRRA Expert Moto3 lap record at Roebling Road Raceway by 3.593 seconds, and place on the podium several times including 2nd place CCS Moto3 National Championship in Daytona. Be advised that this is not a piece of bolt-on performance in itself. Great care with the setup of the bike and understanding of racing parameters by the rider has to be exercised for this triple clamp system to be a positive asset. We therefore recommend that only the top level riders with proper technical crew support consider this upgrade. It is highly recommended to refer to the rule book of the racing organization that this triple clamp system is planned to be used in to ensure conformity to the technical specifications for the classes to be entered.

Installation Requirements: The end user and his/her mechanic assume all responsibility for installation and use of this product. This is experimental technology and is not intended for any individual not willing to assume any and all responsibility and liability associated with the use of this product. A highly skilled and experienced race technician/mechanic adept in such technology should perform the installation and setup of this system. A new bottom steering bearing will be required at the minimum to make this installation. Although standard OEM bearings work fine, we recommend upgrading the bearings to the tapered type, such as All Balls part number 22-1004.


This product was designed and intended for closed course competition use ONLY. This product is neither designed nor intended for use on public roads or land.

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Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 1.5 in



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