Woodcraft Adjustable Height Rear Stand – Spool/GP Lifter Style

MSRP: $184.99 - $194.99


***We strongly recommend the use of Superbike GP style stands and lifters.  The bike is more stable on the stand and the superbike lifters on the bike are much less susceptible to damage in a crash.

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All stands are the same right? Not exactly. We interviewed top mechanics and asked them what they feel are the most important features in a stand. The overwhelming responses were: low lift effort- clearance for working- and wheel design (for ease of rolling and stability). We incorporated these features into our full-range Woodcraft Wheel Stands- all proudly built in the USA.
Woodcraft’s adjustable rear spool paddock stand key features:

  • Adjustable Lift Height for easier wheel changes and lower lift effort. Height adjustable between 11″ -13″.
  • 10 Second Removable Uprights easier transport – take up less room in the truck.
  • Integrated Axle & Hardware Holders keep your parts out of the dirt.
  • Quad 5″ inch wheels for smoother rolling and more stability.
  • Adjustable width between 11.5 and 14.5 inches

Low Lift Effort

A stand is your most frequently used tool. Woodcraft stands are engineered to ensure our stands lift with low physical effort without sacrificing stability or workspace.


Woodcraft stands provide the highest standard in the Industry for our stand wheels. The quad 4″ wheels are unmatched for both stability and their ability to roll smoothly over rough surfaces.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 22 × 14 in



  1. Ryan Vallieu (Horrific Fireball Racing) (verified owner)

    Received this rear stand with the superbike/gp lifter style for use on my Ninja 400 with the TST lifter plate kit. I previously was using a Pitbull with the same kind of adapters for the lifters. My problem was that the adapters made the lift height SO HIGH, it was unstable and harder to lift the bike.
    The Woodcraft has larger wheels and the adjustable height. It is super easy to put the bike up on the rear stand. I used it at the track for the first time on Monday.

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