Woodcraft Under Fork Front Stand – Pin Lift Style


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*Important*  This is an awesome design for a front stand that is much more stable for bikes like the Yamaha R3 and Ninja 400 with single calipers.  However, the tips of the stand pins are a little too long to work with the 2019 Yamaha R3 forks because they contact the axle and the axle cannot be removed while on the stand.  Because I like the stand design so much, I took the time to grind the tips off of the pins so I could use this stand for my personal 2019 Yamaha R3.


This stand is designed to lift from under the fork using the holes at the bottom of your fork tubes.


  • Adjustable Lift Height for easier wheel changes and lower lift effort
  • 10 Second Removable Uprights easier transport – take up less room in the truck
  • Integrated Axle & Hardware Holders keep your parts out of the dirt
  • Quad 5″ inch wheels for smoother rolling and more stability
  • Integrated radial mount caliper hangers to keep pressure off your brake lines during wheel changes

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 8 in


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