Adjustable Preload Fork Caps – Kawasaki Ninja 400 / Z400




Adjustable Preload Fork Caps – Kawasaki Ninja 400 / Z400

These adjustable preload fork caps can be used to make preload adjustments to the OEM front suspension, or basic aftermarket front suspension solutions such as the Traxxion Dynamics damper rod kit or Intiminators.  Ideal fork spring preload is between 6-21mm and these adjustable fork caps have 15mm of adjustment range.  The OEM forks use about 16mm of installed preload, and the Traxxion Dynamics damper rod fork kit uses 15mm of installed preload.  Since these fork caps are 18mm longer than the OEM fork caps, you will have to cut about 25-28mm off your existing preload spacers when switching from the OEM fork caps to these adjustable fork caps to stay within the proper preload adjustment range.

Adjustable preload for caps are for adjusting preload to suit your preference or riding, or adding a small amount of preload to stiffen the front end slightly.  They are not intended to add a whole bunch of preload to compensate for incorrect springs, this will only hurt the handling of your bike.  If your OEM forks feel WAY too soft, these preload caps should not be used as a substitute for installing stiffer springs appropriate for your weight.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in


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