DID 415 ERZ 415 Gold Drive Racing Chain (120 Links) (with Clip Style Link)

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***The Kawasaki Ninja 400 typically requires a 136 or 138 link 415 chain!  This 120 link chain is not long enough and 2 chains must be pieced together.

*Note, you will need (2) master links to piece 2 chains together, so make sure you have enough master links.  IE. If you purchase (5) 120 link chains, you will need 3 additional master links to assemble (4) 138 link chains.



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*Chain length data for different sprockets coming soon*

Changing from a 520 size chain and sprockets to a 415 chain and sprockets on the Ninja 400 makes a significant performance improvement.

I specifically dyno tested this upgrade on the Yamaha R3 to prove the difference and the same improvement will exist with the Ninja 400.  These 2 dyno runs are done back to back (about 20 minutes apart, as fast as I could pull the wheel and change the chain and sprockets) with the same bike, settings, dyno, tune, everything identical, and in the middle of the day after lots of other runs so the bike and dyno are hot.  These are each the best of 5 runs to be sure everything was even.  You can clearly see that the 415 kit improved power to the ground by .62 hp and torque by .29 ft lbs and improved performance across the entire power band.

Yamaha R3 415 kit vs 520 kit performance horsepower gain

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 1.0 in


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