Norton Racing Race Spec ECU Flash for OEM ECU – Kawasaki Ninja 400 / Z400

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*MotoAmerica Tune is >ONLY< for MotoAmerica racers. It IS NOT for club, track, or street.*

*Please select only the standard tune unless you already have our velocity stacks or are a MotoAmerica Racer*

MotoAmerica tune removes decel fuel cut and disables O2 sensor, EVAP sensor, and ECT sensor ONLY.  Additional fuel tuning is required to match your build.  No ignition timing adjustments are available for MotoAmerica spec ECU flash per MotoAmerica rules.

Our flash does NOT affect CELs (Check Engine Lights), if you have a check engine light from removing the PAIR or any EPA systems, and wish to cancel them, you will need to research the resistors needed for install to cancel them. CELs from blocking off the PAIR or removing the EVAP canister do not affect how the bike runs, if you are bothered by the CEL there are extensive articles on that explain what resistors are needed to cancel these CELs. However, most racers are not bothered by these, and run with them regardless.


Not all ECU flashes are created equal!!!

We DO NOT sell OEM ECU’s or do ECU cores, you MUST send in an ECU for us to flash.

*You must send in your OEM ECU to be flashed.  The price includes FREE return shipping to you in the US.

Once you place your order, we’ll contact you with shipping information to send in your ECU.

If you have already purchased an FTECU kit and have a license for your ECU, please email us at for a discounted price to use your license.

For more information on ECU flashing, read our article here:  Power Commander vs. Bazzaz Z-Fi vs. ECU Flash vs. aRacer Race ECU

*We recommend installing a block off plate at the same time as flashing the ECU or you will get some backfiring from the exhaust.


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Our Norton Racing custom ECU flash is now available for the Kawasaki Ninja 400!  Most dealers will simply sell you the standard Flashtune “Unrestricted” Flash, or make minor changes to it and call it good.  We have spent countless hours on the dyno and tested and fine tuned on the race track to bring you the best ECU flash available for the Kawasaki Ninja 400, and the dyno results do not lie!!!

Here is our Norton Racing ECU flash compared on the dyno with the same bike against a full exhaust with no tune, a custom tune with a Bazzaz Z-Fi, and the standard Flashtune “Unrestricted” Flash.  All tunes and runs are done on the same bike, same dyno and with 91 pump gas.  The results are clear, power and torque are dramatically improved throughout the rev range and throttle response is very noticeably smoothed out everywhere and you can feel it on and off the track!  You will not be disappointed!

Kawasaki Ninja 400 Norton Race Spec ECU Flash Dyno Comparison Flashtune Bazzaz Power Commander PCV

Because we have tested all of the top exhausts available for the Ninja 400, we have mapping available for most systems with our ECU flash, just let us know what you have.  We also tested this flashed ECU with a stock bike with only a slipon exhaust and results were equally impressive.  So even if your bike is completely stock, or only has a slipon exhaust, you will feel a huge improvement in power and smoothness by flashing the ECU with our Norton Race Spec flash:


We now have our Flash available for bikes with a stock airbox, or modified airbox and our Superbike Velocity Stacks, check out the impressive power curve you can have with our Superbike Velocity Stacks and ECU flash combo:

Norton Flash Ninja400R Velocity Stacks Spark Exhaust Dyno Chart Norton Motorsports


Changes we make in the ECU to achieve these improvements include:

-Remapped fuel delivery by MAP Pressure and TPS that is optimized for a high flow air filter and several different full exhaust systems (be sure to specify which exhaust system you have when ordering).  We also tested this flashed ECU with a completely stock bike and no other changes and gained similar improvements across the board, including a dramatic increase in horsepower and much faster acceleration.

-Smoothed out On-Off-On throttle transition and idle roll-on throttle transition

-Remapped ignition timing

-Increased idle speed

-Reduced engine braking

-Lowered Fan Temperatures

-Disabled the USB / ECT Error

-Disabled the OEM EVAP Purge Valve

-Disabled the OEM closed loop O2 sensor system

-Disabled the OEM Air Switching Valve

-Disabled the OEM injector deceleration cut

And yes, you read that correctly, whether you have a bone stock bike, slipon exhaust, or a full race exhaust, you no longer need a Power Commander, Bazzaz, or other piggyback fuel controller once we flash your stock ECU.  You still may want to fine tune your bike with a piggyback fuel controller, since every bike is slightly different, but it isn’t necessary and our tuning is much more accurate than any “off the shelf” base maps you can download online.  Installing a flashed ECU also could not be easier.  Unplug the stock ECU, and plug in the flashed ECU.  That’s it!


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  1. msp

    We spent many hours switching bikes back and forth. This is a really nice tune. I wish we had the same exhausts on to really see the differences. Mine, with the full Akra and dyno tuned ECU is still faster off the line. Hers, with the Yoshi slip on, has improved so much over the stock ECU that I can’t really believe it. We drag raced each other many times on each bike and mine consistently was ahead, but just. Your ECU is much smoother through the entire range than mine. 1000 times smoother than stock. I am very impressed with your ECU and had this been available when I did mine, I would have gone that route.I would really make a push to N400 owners with slip ons that this will help both with the power curve and with smoothing out the throttle. Your hard work really shows with this ECU.

  2. evan

    Great flash. No on off throttle, crisp fueling and meaty mid-range power. The bike has a snap about it that it did not have before, and I am extremely happy with what I got. Power is strong from down low all the way through the mid-range and tails off over 10k rpm. The velocity stacks are going to my next upgrade and a great way to finish off the bikes engine mods. When I holeshot if I am heavy with the throttle the front end comes right up , sometimes in traffic it catches me by surprise. The power is honestly great from such a small engine.

    The flash process was easy and they keep up with all my e-mail and phone questions.

  3. Matei D

    I am looking to eventually purchase you ecu after the holidays. I am in Canada.
    The question I have , do you have a tune for 87 octane or is it 91 only?
    If so, what is the difference? My ninja has no mods, for now it only has 300 miles on it but it’s in the shed fir the winter.
    I am looking mainly to remove the on/off throttle feeling and also the roughness which I find is bad when it’ around 35-40 Fahrenheit outside.


    • Jesse Norton

      We tune our ECU flash with 91 pump gas and recommend this with it. But 87-93 seems to work fine with the OEM compression.

  4. Joe Johnson

    Added ECU race flash and velocity stacks to 2020 N400 with a slipon Leo Vance exhaust (already on the bike). What a difference! Added a DNA filter and did the airbox mod and block off plate at the same time as well. Bike runs so much better and throttle response, especially mid rpm, is just awesome. Bike pulls so much harder and doesn’t fall flat as rpm builds like stock. Smooths out power delivery, engine braking is just right. Couldn’t be happier with the change. A must to get he best out of these bikes. It’s a little rocket now and just a blast to ring around twisty roads. Thank you Ceasar and Norton Team for walking me through this upgrade.

  5. Ray C

    Hello, do you guys also flash the ECU for quickshifters also?

    • Jesse Norton

      Yes we do. At this time the FTECU quickshifter option is available for the Ninja 400 ECUs (not Z400), and we enable this option in all of our Ninja 400 ECU flashes. This means the quickshifter can be added later at any time by simply plugging it in.

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