Norton Racing Supersport Seat – Kawasaki Ninja 400 / Z400


Once your order is in, we will send you shipping instructions for your core! DO NOT SHIP YOUR SEAT PRIOR TO ORDERING & US CONTACTING YOU!

***This Supersport seat is made from an OEM Kawasaki Ninja 400 seat, therefore you need to send in your original OEM seat core in order for us to make your seat.

***You are responsible for shipping charges for your seat core to us.


The Norton Racing Ninja 400 Supersport Seat is designed as a direct replacement for the OEM seat but raises the seat height from the OEM position and provides a better shaped seating position that doesn’t force the rider into the gas tank like the stock seat does.  This taller seat height provides a much sportier riding position for the Ninja 400 and Z400 as well as raising the rider up to allow room for higher rearsets to give the Ninja 400 a proper supersport feel and better ground clearance.  The OEM seat foam is only about 1/2″ thick which makes the seat very hard.  This seat is made with a combination of extra firm foam to raise and reshape the seat, and softer foam for a more comfortable position for longer rides or commuting.

This seat is designed to work with OEM bodywork or aftermarket fiberglass race bodywork.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 7 in



  1. sean stetson (verified owner)

    I got the Z400 last year. Really fun bike…really brutal seat (which I did not notice during a brief test ride). I only use it for commuting so my butt can handle the 20-30 minutes of extremely ‘firm’ stock design. But the seat angle a) causes a wedgy, and/or b) forces the rider to nestle ones’ jewels against the tank. That’s combined with the hard seat faithfully transmitting every road bump to the nethers. Taking that beating from below and in front left me a little queasy after every ride (there are almost no smooth roads in New England).
    This custom seat is perfect for me. It’s not a cruiser pillow, it’s just…comfortable. Firm enough to maintain a good feel with the bike, but not hard. The change in the angle is almost invisible but it also makes a huge difference. I am 5’11” with a 30-31″ inseam and can easily flat-foot it despite the extra thickness.
    Ordering was easy, shipping was prompt.
    This is an un-solicited review.

  2. Nathaniel Fink (verified owner)

    2021 ninja 400, factory seat is an absolute dumpster fire. no padding means sore behind. the downward sloping seat forces your crotch into the tank and rides up your clothes. norton supersport seat has much thicker padding and an improved shape that doesn’t force you to slide into the tank. i can ride all day on this seat vs a few hours on factory seat. the norton supersport seat is made using a factory seat base so it fits onto the bike just like it should. leather feels nice and thick and the stitching looks and feels strong. there is a core return available.

    • Jesse Norton

      Glad you’re much more comfortable on the upgraded seat!

  3. Mateusz Gorski (verified owner)

    Incredible product, absolutely worth the price, super happy I bought it. I commute to work on a daily basis and it makes the riding experience so much better. Incredible customer service as well.

    • Jesse Norton

      Hey Mateusz! Glad you’re enjoying your new Supersport Seat, and that we were able to help you! Hope to help you in the future!

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