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Due to the huge popularity of our Race Spec. Shock, we have finally duplicated the build with a new shock that doesn’t require any modification to your bike for installation.  We only have a couple of these left, so they are on sale until gone.


The NortonFab Motorsports R3 Race Spec. Shock is the result of extensive development and testing with the premier race shock on the market for the Yamaha R3, the Penske 8983.  It is built with one goal in mind, to allow more riders to be able to afford and experience the performance of a proper race shock on their R3.

To be able to build a proper race shock, and keep the cost down to you, the racer, we started with an OEM shock body from a 2008+ Yamaha R6.  But, aside from the looks on the outside, the NortonFab Motorsports R3 Race Spec. Shock is nothing like an OEM R6 shock.  Every shock has been machined here in San Diego to adapt the bottom mount to work with the R3 and modify the length to our spec. length for the R3 to adjust the geometry of the bike for racing.  A hardened steel sleeve is pressed in to the lower mount to be sure the mount will last.  Then, it is sent to Traxxion Dynamics in Georgia to be torn down, cleaned, and rebuilt by hand for the specific rider who purchased it.  A new, much stiffer spring has been installed matched to the rider’s weight and riding style, as well as a specifically sized spacer to allow the preload adjuster to work within proper range for the R3 and spring.  The internal valving has been completely changed and rebuilt to match the new spring and rider and with a damping curve matched to the Penske’s performance on the dyno as close as possible.  The valving is now tuned to match the spring when the adjusters are set in the center of the adjustment range.  If the rider needs to change the spring size up or down for different tracks or to further adjust for their riding style or tires, or if they sell the bike and the new rider needs a different spring, enough adjustment is available without having to revalve the shock.

All of this translates to a purpose built race shock that outperforms anything even close in price.  This shock was developed with racers in mind, but it will also outperform any street shock for the price as well.  Once you place an order, you will receive an email inquiring about your rider weight, and riding preference.

The NortonFab Motorsports R3 Race Spec. Shock features preload adjustment, rebound adjustment, and high and low speed compression adjustment.  Due to the nature of the R3 and the high speed compression adjuster, we recommend using the low speed compression adjustment for most of your changes, and leaving the high speed compression adjustment where it is set by Traxxion Dynamics unless you are a very experience suspension tuner.  The NortonFab Motorsports R3 Race Spec. Shock also weighs about the same as the stock shock, despite the fact that it has a much heavier spring than stock, and it has a piggy-back reservoir.

Machined shock bodies are kept in stock at the Traxxion Dynamics facility in Georgia ready to be built, so the turn around time for an order is typically 2-10 days depending on Traxxion’s current workload.


Because the R6 shock body used for this shock has a piggy-back style reservoir, it is necessary to modify the R3’s subframe and battery tray in order to install this shock.  Every shock will also include a spacer and bolt kit necessary to adapt the upper shock mount to the R3’s frame.  You will need to save and re-use the mounting bolt, nut, and bushing from the lower shock mount on your OEM R3 shock.


See these pictures for the required modifications to make this shock fit:

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