Sato Racing Rearset Replacement Pegs & Parts



Replacement peg & parts for Sato Racing Rearsets

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 4 in

FOOT PEG (standard version) Black, FOOT PEG (standard version) Silver, FOOT PEG (standard version) Gold, Race Concept Cutout-style FOOT PEG Black, Race Concept Cutout-style FOOT PEG Silver, Race Concept Cutout-style FOOT PEG Gold, PEG COLLAR 12MM Black, PEG COLLAR 12MM Silver, PEG COLLAR 12MM Gold, PEG COLLAR 15MM Black, PEG COLLAR 15MM Silver, PEG COLLAR 15MM Gold, FOOT PEG STUD BOLT LONG M8x65mm, FOOT PEG STUD BOLT SHORT M8x55mm, FOOT PEG STUD BOLT M8x40mm, FOOT PEG STUD BOLT M8x45mm, FOOT PEG STUD BOLT M8x50mm, FOOT PEG STUD BOLT M8x60mm, FLANGE NUT M8, HEX HEAD BOLT M8x45mm, FLAT HEAD BOLT M8x40mm, FLAT HEAD BOLT M845mm


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