Vortex 520 Rear Sprockets (OZ Racing, Marchesini, BST Wheels)


OZ Racing, BST, and most Marchesini aftermarket wheels use a different bolt pattern from OEM for rear sprockets.  5 bolts, 10.5mm diameter, on a 100mm bolt circle with 76mm center hub diameter.  Use these sprockets instead.

*(Marchesini wheels for Yamaha R3 use OEM sprockets)

*These sprockets are special order only, no returns.



Vortex Racing has been manufacturing championship winning sprockets since 1995.  Their race proven CNC machined aluminum sprockets are made from the highest strength 7075 aircraft grade aluminum and have become the industry standard for light weight, high strength sprockets.

Vortex rear sprockets are available in 7075 high strength aircraft grade aluminum.  Aluminum sprockets are lighter weight and preferred when performance counts.  Read here about improving handling and horsepower by removing unsprung rotating mass from a motorcycle.

*Listed sprockets are black F5 hardcoat aluminum.  Standard type 2 anodize Black, Red, Blue, and Silver aluminum and steel sprockets may be available upon request in limited quantities.

Additional information

Weight 1.6 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 11 × 0.5 in

40T, 41T, 42T, 43T, 44T, 45T, 46T, 47T


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